How to boost your baby’s development

Crawling requires some pretty sophisticated navigating over toys, under chairs, around table legs, and through mommy’s legs!⁠

This understanding helps your baby learn about his/her world, his/her own body awareness, and begins to lay the groundwork for higher-level critical thinking.

You’ve probably noticed that a crawling baby often prefers to go ‘through’ things rather than ‘around’, with practice and experience, babies soon learn how to negotiate a more efficient path to their desired destination.⁠

How to help your little one develop a spatial understanding from the beginning?⁠

Simple things as:⁠

  • hiding some toys under a blanket
  • showing different balls in different sizes
  • showing pieces of cloth of paper in high contrast patterns

are a great start.⁠

For bigger kids – practice counting and sorting. Gather some dolls, rocks, blocks, or other items and group them by kind. Then encourage your child to sort them again, this time based on size, shape, and color.⁠
Get them playing with toys like building blocks or geometric shapes. Incorporate any toys that help them use their senses to develop their gross and fine motor skills.⁠

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