Hi, my name is Dovile, I am a mother of two amazing twin girls and a creator of a brand Olie the Curious.

I am passionate about raising curious and independent children but as a parent I know how difficult it is to let your precious babies to do things on their own. We don‘t want them to get hurt but by overprotecting we actually show them, that the world is a big and scary place and project our fears in to our kids. And it’s all different for the baby as this world is full of wonders and amazing adventures, where your possibilities are only limited by your imagination! With magic like this inside, every child can grow up curious and independent if you will only be willing to encourage these qualities.

That is how Olie the Curious came up to life: crawling baby tights created for both caring mother, who will now feel safer to encourage their babies to explore the magic of everyday world, and for all the babies out there who will be delighted to have countless adventures with a new curious friend Olie!


We are passionate about helping you to raise curious and independent child. That is why we crafted our crawling tights with extreme care:

INNOVATIVE anti-slip technology

We borrowed anti-slip technology from high-performance athletes and dancers. Since it was tested in extreme situations, you can rest assured your little one is safer and the most comfortable in all her adventures!

Comfort first design

We created these baby crawling tights for maximum comfort during all amazing baby adventures!

Consciously sustainable

We care for your little one as well as the environment we all live in. After all, that’s all we are leaving to our children.

*Disclaimer: We are very proud of the product we have created but still please keep your baby always under surveillance to avoid any misadventures!