Why curiosity is such a valuable skill for your child?

Olie the curious baby crawling tights

Your question is probably “Why should I care about stimulating my child’s curiosity?” Why it’s so important?⁠

Well all babies are born with limitless curiosity. Just imagine all the amazing adventures your baby is about to take! But for many kids, as they grow up, their curiosity is dulled. And by the time they became adults, they are merely going through the motions necessary to make it through the day! ⁠


We live in the world depending on our TVs, phones, books or other people keep us entertain and occupied. If left alone, a lot of people would have no idea what to do with ourselves!⁠

Stimulating your child’s curiosity from the beginning will teach them continues learning and asking questions. Basically, this would set them up for successful future!⁠

Why? ⁠

Curiosity and creativity are what gives knowledge it’s usefulness in real world. Because in todays hyper competitive society parents focus on knowledge and hard skills – math, writing and so on. But do we know what kind of skills or knowledge our kids will need in the future? The most paying jobs today didn’t existed couple decades ago! ⁠

Our kids will have to innovate, think better ways to solve problems. And asking questions and being curious about how and why things work is half way to creating a solution. ⁠

So basically, curiosity will set your child for long term success. Because curious people are the ones who refuse to accept what is given. Curious people will transform lives, lead communities, live adventurous lives. And not curious people? Well that’s the people who stay at the same job position for years, who do only good enough and complain that the world is unfair to them, that situations are always against them. ⁠

I want to rise curious and adventurous kids because I think that life is amazing gift and you have to take it with all your heart! That is what I want to teach my girls and stimulating their curiosity and imagination is one of the good and fun ways to do that.

Warmest wishes,

Baby crawling tights Olie the Curious
Baby crawling tights Olie the Curious