How to use an exercise ball to make tummy time easier and more fun for a baby⁠

An exercise ball is a secret weapon for babies who hate tummy time! For real! Not only does this trick instantly allow babies to become successful during tummy time, but it is also FUN for them.⁠

Here are a few tips how you can use an exercise ball to help your baby enjoy tummy time:⁠

  • Making sure you have a good grip on the baby, gently place her tummy-down on top of the exercise ball. You can vary the angle at which your baby is positioned – a greater incline will be more comfortable for a baby who is just beginning, a more flat position right on top of the ball will be more challenging and appropriate for babies who are more comfortable being on their tummies.⁠
  • Once you get your baby into the position, you can begin to slowly roll her forward and backward, making sure you keep a good grip on her and that she is okay with how far and fast you are moving her. When starting out, it is best to position yourself behind the baby as you roll the ball forward and backward.⁠
  • The first therapy ball tummy time session does not have to be long — it can be less than a minute if needed! ⁠
  • If your baby is not yet able to lift her head, that is okay! For now, just make sure the baby’s head is turned to both sides during the early tummy time days.⁠
  • One great way to increase your baby’s interest in tummy time on the exercise ball is to place items of interest directly in front of the ball.⁠
  • As your baby becomes stronger and more comfortable while playing tummy-down on the ball, you can increase the challenge by loosening your grip on the baby’s hips, rolling with a quicker pace.⁠

Tummy time is very important for your baby’s development! It improves your baby’s motor skills, makes neck and shoulder muscles stronger so your baby can start to sit up, crawl, and eventually walk.

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