Daily activities that help your baby learn to crawl⁠

Olie the curious

The communication between both hemispheres of the brain that occurs during crawling has many benefits. ⁠

It helps establish better learning patterns, reading, and various other skills needed later in life, like getting dressed. ⁠

As a parent or caregiver, you can help encourage this natural progression in several ways:⁠

  • Tummy time helps to develop the neck muscles needed to hold the head upright. Place a mirror or fairly flat toy in front of your little one for entertainment. You can also place a toy on a couch, so your little one has to raise head up to see it. Slowly increase the amount of time baby spends on his/her belly to allow neck muscles to adapt.⁠
  • Once baby is able to get up on his/her hands and knees, playing music to encourage slight rocking will help increase balance and control. Get down on your hands and knees so your little one can watch and mimic your movements.⁠
  • Once balance and control are well established, place a favorite toy slightly out of reach to encourage your little one to move toward it. Toys that move on their own may also be helpful.⁠

And remember, your smiling face is the best motivator! So happy chasing!⁠

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